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2.5 inčni WD Western Digital Seagate Toshiba mobilni hard disk paket za punjenje blaga digitalna oprema torba za pohranu šok otporna zaštitna navlaka

  • Kod proizvoda: 541686986156
  • dostupnost: 24432
  • $ 3.09

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Jie Na
model JN-803
tekstura Umjetna koža
Veličina torbe za laptop drugi
Color Classification Navy Blue,Royal Blue,Pink,Black,Mei Red,Pure Color Without Cartoon Please Take Note Color Size,Small Bag Black - Captain America,Small Bag Black - Batman,Small Bag Black - Chinchillas,Small Bag Black - Little Yellow Man,Packet Red - Captain America,Big Red - Captain America,Small Bag Blue - Batman,Small Bag Blue - Tortoise,Small Bag Blue - Jingle Cat,Small Bag Blue - Captain America,Small Bag Dark Blue - Little Yellow Man,Small Bag Dark Blue - Captain America,Small Bag Dark Blue - Totoro,Big Bag Dark Blue - Captain America,Big Bag Dark Blue - Batman,Big Bag Dark Blue - Little Yellow Man,Big Bag Blue - Batman,Big Bag Blue - Captain America,Big Bag Blue - Tortoise,Big Bag Black - Batman,Big Bag Black - Chinchillas,Big Bag Black - 乔巴,Big Bag Black - Little Yellow Man
svrha Višenamjenska integracija
stil Višenamenski dizajn

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Q & A proizvoda

Hitachi Samsung West Number Seagate Toshiba Hard Drive Quality Which choice

A: If the mobile hard drive is used down, Hitachi's hard drive is a little better than the same capacity, because Hitachi's hard drive relative to the Samsung Seagate West number used a longer point is not too hung, in addition to Seagate has to do the mobile hard drive brand, the others are assembled, the mobile hard drive is the laptop hard drive plus an outside shell has a circuit board, If you want to be earthquake-proof, just buy one

Mobile hard drive Seagate West counts Toshiba which is a little better

A: mobile hard drive, Seagate, Western data and Toshiba, Samsung has been acquired by Seagate, the quality is more reliable, in which, Western data better, whether it is product line, appearance, quality, performance, software, stability, etc., are slightly better, the following details: Toshiba models are not many, basically are the difference in appearance, The mainstream is the new black beetle

Want to buy a 2t 2,5 inch mobile hard drive, JD.com has the Western Number, Seagate Toshiba three

A: I bought a seagate hard drive and the quality is very good

Mobile hard drive Seagate West Number Toshiba Samsung Buy Which Good

A: Samsung and other brand products comparison, brand different, product design concept, configuration, etc. are not the same, each has the advantages of the recommendation according to demand and preferences to choose the right product, if you need to understand Samsung's current more popular flagship model sit on Samsung's official website for inquiry reference

Mobile hard drives, Toshiba, Seagate, Western Number, which is good? The price is the same

A: I have been in the hard disk for six years, I will answer this question, generally from the disk body, West Number, Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung has its own 2, 5 inch hard disk production line, in fact, mobile hard disk, I think from a commercial point of view should choose The West Number of mobile hard disk, because he has the hardware encryption technology is not available to other manufacturers, Seagate's mobile hard drive has a pick-up

Mobile hard drive West number Seagate Toshiba which is good

A: Quality is reliable, Western data product line is the most abundant, the most optional, Seagate is now basically catching up, Toshiba's best price/performance ratio, usually the cheapest

Buy mobile hard drive 1T, Toshiba and Western Data which is good

A: the pursuit of cost-effective words, Toshiba's better; the pursuit of performance and speed, buy the West Number, 1, Toshiba's mobile hard drive model is not much, the main difference is the appearance, performance is similar, the mainstream hard disk is the new black beetle, 2, Western data and Seagate have high and low end two series, Western Data's low-end mobile drive is the Elements element series, and the new black

Toshiba Seagate West Data Which Is Good

A: West number and Hitachi joint venture, so the West number of 2,5 inch disk in terms of quality and energy savinghave, Seagate Samsung is a grade, Samsung unstable but high-density storage is very close to Hitachi's level, Seagate through the acquisition of Samsung Industry Department also obtained 2,5 inch 1T disk technology, Toshiba was originally Seajet agent, Later independently became the Ministry of Industry, disk performance

Want to buy a mobile hard drive, long-term storage of some data files, recommended to buy a thing

A: If it is used for low-term storage of important information is not recommended mechanical hard disk, damage opportunity to give sSD much larger, as well as their own assembly of an SSD drive, buy a piece, Samsung 860EVO 250G SSD, 519 pieces, and then buy a green-linked mobile drive box, 35 pieces, Just need to install can be when the mobile hard drive used, quite simple and convenient, SSD

Seagate, West which mobile hard drive is better

A: These two brands of mobile hard drive quality is good, but the West number is the main mobile hard drive, hard drive work is better than Seagate, the appearance is also beautiful than Seagate, performance is similar to the two, is the work and appearance aspect, WD is better, in addition, I use the Western Number of my passport ultra series, Copy HD movies with a steady transmission speed of 118M/S, so