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Apple Data Wire Protection Sheath Mobile Charger Winding Rope Earphone Winder Protection Wire Lovely Creative Sticker

  • Kod proizvoda: 542122801619
  • dostupnost: 280357
  • $ 2.12

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
model Cartoon Data Cable Case
stil crtani film
Color Classification Six Sets Of Small Cats And Six Sets Of Small Cats
proizvođač Yiwu Yimu Jewelry Co., Ltd.

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Q & A proizvoda

How to wrap the iphone7 data cable back to the packaging

The channel tool for ringtones, pictures, etc. Now, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, the data line has become...

Headphone cord winding problem

You will find that the wire has been deformed and it is difficult to straighten it. To talk about maintenance, it is necessary to clean it after use, remove dust and stains, and find a loose body when storing...

What should Apple's headphone cable winding method be?

The line of the earplug is wound from the slot of the outer ring into the middle slot. At this time, the remote control button on the earphone is just filled into the middle groove, and the line of the left earplug is pressed below. 4. Leave the rest.


A: The earphone cable should not be entangled as much as possible. Flip a few times because the earphone plug is very easy to break. The data cable is not required.

What are the iphone earphone winding methods?

If the in-ear headphones are not in place, the effect will be greatly reduced. The silicone or sponge part of the earpiece is flattened, and the self-expanding silicone or sponge can fit the ear well...

Earphone winder, how to use earphone winder, earphone winder clip

Answer: 1. Just circle the earphone wires along the concave circle. 2. Let the wires not be entangled together, it can also solve the problem of too long earphone wires. 3. However, it is recommended not to use it, because the wires are often entangled easily broken, which is not good for earphones.

How to wrap the data cable or the headphone cable...

A: Headphones can use such a small box.

Does the headphone winder damage the headphones?

Application. 3. The earphone winder is commonly used with a plastic sheet with grooves that can be wound around the groove.

How does the iphone7's headphone cable wrap around the original state of the small cartons?

Cross-overlap step 3, after winding, stick the hole on the left and right sides to step 4, fix the earphone in the earphone hole of the box, the left earphone is R,...

How to use the earphone winder

When you are in a group, pull your fingers out and make them loose. 3. Then, put the wrapped headphones into the prepared container, put them together in a drawer or other yin...