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Case apple cable lines to phone charger case the protection special head apple iPhone6/7 plus8 / X/Xr/XSmax cable case fold fracture prevention

  • Kod proizvoda: 522026919243
  • dostupnost: 12623
  • $ 1.19

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
stil jednostavnost
marka Mycover
model Data Line Case
proizvođač Wuhan Junjie World Trade Co., Ltd.
Color Classification White/short 2 Pack Smouldering Pink/short 2 Pack Black /short 2 Packed Lake Blue / Short 2 Pack Green / Short 2 Outfits Dark Blue / Short 2 Pack White / Short 6 Pack Smouldering Pink / Short 6 Packed Black / Short 6 Pack Sblue / Short 6 Outfits Dark Blue / Short 6 Outfits White / Plus 2 X Pink / Plus Length 2 Black / Lengthen 2 Pack Red / Length 2 Pack Green / Length 2 Pack Blue / Extra 2 Pack White / Length 6 Pack Pink / Length 6 Pack Black / Length 6 Pack Red / Length 6 Green / Length 6 Pack Blue / Length 6 Packs

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Q & A proizvoda

Is the charging line of Apple 6 the same as Apple 7?

Can be used for Apple 7. Figure 1 and Figure 2 are Apple 6's charging line rushing iPhone7's mobile phone, it can be rushed into the electricity,...

Is the Apple 7plus the same as the Apple 6 charging cable?

6/6s/6plus/7 output voltage 5V output current 1A

Can Iphone8PLUS be charged with a 6PLUS charger and cable?

According to the PUI, the power of the iPhone charger is 5W, while the iPad is 10.2W. The consequence of this is that it hurts the iPhone and hurts the iPad.

Iphone7 charging cable is the same as iphone6?

A: The Apple 7 data cable interface is the same as the Apple 6 or the lightning interface. The iPhone 7 I just arrived with is the I6's Turas data cable. The i6 data cable is suitable for Apple 7.

Can Iphone7 and iphone6 ​​plus chargers be universal?

iPhone7 Apple iPhone6 ​​plus Apple iPhone6 ​​Apple iPhone6s

How to distinguish iPhone6/7/8/plus

A: Distinguish by appearance.

Is Apple 7plus and Apple 6 charger universal?

1A iPhone5, iPhone5S, iPhone6...iPhone SE...iPhone7 Plus charger output is 5V,...