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ASUS tehnologija i ostali H55 P55 1156 pin DDR3 integrisana / nezavisna matična ploča P7H55 Jia

  • Kod proizvoda: 571319923466
  • dostupnost: 3
  • $ 33.98

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Asus / ASUS
Asus H55
Baby Looks Brand New
Tip memorije DDR3
Struktura matične ploče Standard ATX
Color Classification Army Green,Sky Blue,Chocolate,Orange
IntelCPU interfejs LGA1156
LGA1156 H55
Memorijski kanal Dual Channel
Maksimalni kapacitet memorije 16G
Display Interface VGA + DVI
Podrška za višestruku grafičku karticu drugi
Primjenjiv objekt desktop
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Tip CPU-a Intel

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Q & A proizvoda

Asus motherboard p7h55 installed Core what model cpu Core i7 can be

A: Let's take a look at the Asus motherboard p7h55 material Master chipset: Intel H55 CPU Slot: LGA 1156 CPU Type: Core i7/Core i5/Co Memory Type: DDR3 Integrated Chip: Sound Card/Net Card Board Board Type: ATX plate type so he can only install the first generation i7 also It's the pin is 1156 i7 870 and so on, and now the mainstream is 1155 picks

How the Asus P7H55-M supports 8G//4G one memory, two

A: The highest support single 4G, 4 4G a total of 16G memory, the following is a detailed description of this motherboard, model has a prize correction P7H55-M applicable type of award error-correcting desktop chip manufacturers have the prize correction Intel Northbridge chip has the prize correction H55CPU slot has the prize correction Of the LGA 1156 Support CPU Type Award Correction Support Core i7, Core i5, Core i3

What's the difference between asus P7H55 and P7P55

A: P55 is used for processors that do not have integrated graphics units, H55 is suitable for processors that integrate graphics units, P55 supports firefighting, SLI, hard disk displays, etc.

How about the Asus P7H55

A: 2010, very old, not recommended for new buy, Asus motherboard p7h55detailed main chipset: Intel H55 CPU slot: LGA 1156 CPU type: Core i7/Core i5/Co memory type: DDR3 integrated chip: sound card/net card board plate type: THE ATX PLATE SO HE CAN ONLY INSTALL THE FIRST GENERATION I5 I7, THAT IS, THE PIN IS 1156 I7 870 AND SO ON

How to achieve dual channels at Asus p7h55-m

A: The main operating system is 32Bit? First of all, the current support for memory dual channels, the computer platform needs to have more than two memory controllers, now the general computer platform, memory controller is mainly integrated in the motherboard Northbridge or processor inside, Intel's traditional front-end bus FSB layout of the computer platform, memory controller integrated in the main

My computer motherboard is the Asus P7H55 board, can you install the DDR3 160

A: You can install DDR3 1600 memory, Asus P7H55 memory specification DDR3 memory type DDR3 memory slot 4DDR3 DIMM maximum memory capacity 16GB memory description Support dual-channel DDR3 2200 overclocked/2000/1866/1600/1333MHz memory, 3, energy, can No support for 1600 or above, you also need to see the performance of the CPU

The Asus P7H55 series of motherboards are different, such as the following several motherboards

A: Generally speaking, -M means that the microATX model of the motherboard, relatively small, and pro is professional abbreviation is the professional version of the meaning, are using Intel H55 chipset, performance difference is not very large, Intel H55 chipset parameters: applicable type: desktop; CPU type: Intel Core i7/Core i5/Core i3; SATA pick up

I5 760 cpu with Asus P7H55-M motherboard is OK

A: Yes, but it must be unique, because the P7H55-M although it has a video output interface, but does not integrate the graphics card, is the call CPU integrated GPU, i5 760 does not have an integrated GPU, so must be unique

Which of the Microstar P55-GD55 and Asus P7H55-M Pro choose

A: If with i5 750, it is still with p55 chipset products, Asus p7h55m pro, or recommended to use with the cpu with integrated graphics card, such as the i3 series, i5 6 series, of course, the latter can also be used with discrete graphics cards, but in general, The p55 is more powerful than h55, except that it does not support the use of an in-cpu integrated graphics card with an integrated graphics card

How about the Asus P7H55-MLX motherboard

A: Asus P7H55-M LX Detailed Parameters Applicable Type Desktop Chip Manufacturer Intel Intel Intel Northbridge Chip Intel H55 CPU Slot LGA 1156 Support CPU Type Support Core i7, Core i5, Core i3 Series Processor Board Architecture UATX Bus technology QPI4,8GT/s supports memory type DDR3 supports channel mode dual-channel memory