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Fully Automatic Mini Sweeping Robot Intelligent Household Vacuum Cleaner Charging Edition Sweeping Machine Rubbing and Sucking Hair

  • Kod proizvoda: 580778986798
  • dostupnost: 89
  • $ 23.20

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
Color Classification Bijela, Crna
voltaža 5V
model XFX001
marka Star Discovery
Dužina linije 50cm
moć 100W

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Q & A proizvoda

Sweeping robot, household vacuum cleaner, automatic intelligent mopping machine, where is the water reservoir?

The resulting airflow, the garbage is sucked in, the key is to "suck"; smart sweeper robot and suction...

Cobos smart sweeping robot vacuum cleaner Can you suck a lot of dog hair?

Recommendations: 1. Intelligent positioning hamster sweeping robot uses a new generation of scanning technology, built-in camera and indoor GPS navigation...

Was it broken for the sweeping robot to spin around in place?

Answer: Possibilities: 1. The gear of the control wheel of the sweeper is stuck. 2. It may be that the sensor is covered by dust and wiped with a clean cloth or a wet cotton swab. 3. It may be caused by sudden mechanical failure and other non-existent possibilities. 1. Single suction: The greatest advantage of single suction sweeper robot is sweeping wool. Fat, there are pets in the house and ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()().

What about the suction of water by millet sweeping robot

Answer: I saw it on the dust-free house, saying that we should first find out the source of the abnormal noise. Generally, it is easier to have such problems in the places where the rolling brush and dust box are used frequently in our work, and the dust box needs cleaning and dismantling. First, check these two places once. Just correct them, I hope my answer will be right. Can help you

Intelligent Sweeping Robot Dust Intake How to Do

Answer: Dust, will it be the kind that sticks to the ground... Generally speaking, the cleaning robot sucks dust, hair, small debris is the best use. If it sticks to the ground, it is not very good to suck. Of course, it may also be a motor problem, it is best to ask for after-sales service.

Cobos planning sweeping robot dh35 how to home automatic machine...

Through the high-speed rotation of the motor, a vacuum is formed in the main body, and the resulting high-speed airflow is used...

Which is better, a sweeping robot or a mopping robot or a sucking robot?

Answer: Each of these three products has its own emphasis. The sweeper can sweep and vacuum; the tractor mainly wipes dust without garbage cans and will not sweep large particles of garbage; the vacuum cleaner is not the concept of robots, but the Dayson brand is currently more popular. Robots can start to clean and wipe the floor automatically with one button, while the vacuum cleaner. It's the tool that needs the adapter's own hand.

How about the cleaning function of the sweeping robot?

Answer: Because the operation mode of sweeper is "sweep + suck", that is to say, sweep the garbage together first and then suck it in. At this time, the suction of sweeper should be considered. The household sweeper is about 1500pa, and the Changhong Glenbo sweeper can also suck up dust, paper, hair or whatever. It can also be dragged out by itself. Some stubborn stains...

Does the sweeper clean his hair?

Answer: In addition to dust in the house is the wife's long hair has always been a problem of cleaning, it can clean very clean as long as regularly remove the machine's hair, proscenic poetry is a good choice.

Kovos Sweeping Robot Household Fully Automatic Vacuum Cleaning Effect, OK?

: The working principle of the vacuum cleaner: through the high-speed rotation of the motor, a vacuum is formed in the main body, thereby utilizing...