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Boxed! Asus/ASUS B75M-A PLUS P8B75M-LX 1155 DDR3 B75 with HDMI

  • Kod proizvoda: 542601537425
  • dostupnost: 3583
  • $ 39.37

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Asus / ASUS
Asus F2A55
Baby Looks Brand New
Tip memorije DDR3
Struktura matične ploče M-ATX Compact
Color Classification Army Green,Sky Blue,Light Grey,Deep Khaki Colour,Navy Blue
IntelCPU interfejs LGA1155
LGA1155 B75
Memorijski kanal Dual Channel
Maksimalni kapacitet memorije 32G
Display Interface VGA + DVI + HDMI
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Primjenjiv objekt desktop
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Tip CPU-a Intel

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Q & A proizvoda

What's the difference between Asus b75m-A and P8B75-M LX PLUS?

Answer: They are very old things.

What's the difference between Asus P8B75-M and Asus P8B75-M LX PLUS?

Answer: LX PLUS is slightly better, but Asus motherboard has to start with P8B75 to say good. The following is a detailed description from the Internet: - M: MicroATX, small board - SE: Second Edition second edition, usually the streamlined version - V: Value board, low-cost version, material reduction - LX: Lite version, that is, the streamlined version is cheaper than the standard version,...

Which is better, B75M-A or P8B75-M LX Plus?

Answer: All three chipsets are B75, but they are all shrinkage versions. One is more severe than the other. PRO > M > M LE > M LX > M LX PLUS. ASUS now arranges high-end and low-end according to the suffix letters. Is the price-performance ratio higher or about P8B75 MLE 450 yuan?

Asus motherboard differences: P8B75-M, P8B75-M LE, P8...

Answer: On the chip! For example, some motherboard sound cards need garbage points! Or there is no external USB 3.0

What's the difference between Asus's P8B75-M and B75M-A motherboards?

Answer: ASUS P8B75-M has higher specifications than ASUS B75M-A. It has two more memory slots. The CPU has stronger power supply and more stability. The sound cards used are also different.

What's the difference between Asus p8b75m and b75mle

Answer: Asus naming way is to take P8B75-M LE as an example. P is Intel Chip 8. It's the eighth generation interface named by Asus B75. Chip name M is small plate with display output. Meaning LE is simplified version. Meaning P8B75-MLE is simplified version of small plate B75. Meaning no LE is standard version PRO is ASUS suffix of advanced version. The suffix is the lowest.

Asus P8B75-M LX PLUS motherboard and Gigabyte B75M-D3V motherboard.

Answer: Hello, Asus P8B75-M LX PLUS and Gigabyte B75M-D3V motherboards are two choices. Asus P8B75-MLX PLUS is the same price as Gigabyte's performance. But the difference is that Asus has more SATA interfaces than Gigabyte. There are 6 ASUS interfaces and only 4 Gigabyte motherboards. Obviously, Asus is more expensive than Gigabyte. Super...