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Računar G41 matična ploča CPU 3.0G četverojezgrena memorija D3 desktop grafička kartica četiri ili pet setova DNF postavljena P45

  • Kod proizvoda: 16652203121
  • dostupnost: 1381
  • $ 46.64

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka ENVINDA / Envada
model G41
Baby Looks Brand New
Posle prodaje Kupite tri torbe
Tip memorije DDR3
Struktura matične ploče M-ATX Compact
Color Classification Army Green,Sky Blue,Navy Blue,Red
Package Type Set Meal 1
IntelCPU interfejs LGA775
LGA775 G41
Memorijski kanal Dual Channel
Maksimalni kapacitet memorije 8G
Display Interface VGA
Podrška za višestruku grafičku karticu unakrsna vatra
Primjenjiv objekt desktop
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Tip CPU-a Intel

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Q & A proizvoda

Motherboard x58 cpux5570 graphics gtx660 2gd5 memory 12g power supply 30

A: X5570 four-core eight-wire CPU, power consumption 95W, GTX660 2G graphics card, 150W power consumption, other hardware 50W, these hardware together has exceeded the rated 300W power consumption, so your power supply needs rated 400W to stabilize the belt, you configure can play chicken inefficiently, If the run to eat chicken with a rating of 300W is automatically restarted and black screen

What graphics card can eat chicken on the x58 motherboard

A: X58 motherboard can be on a lot of graphics cards, 600 second-hand graphics cards can be achieved to eat chicken smoothly, Sotai GTX760 2G, 470 pieces, sapphire R9 370X 4G platinum version, 598 pieces, both graphics cards can eat chicken smoothly, 370X 4G can open the effect, so better

Six-core twelve-threaded L5640-16G memory s120G solid and hard-core smh.com.-by-GtX1

A: Don't touch the X58, this board is too old to use its U you tube him a few core threads

Six-core twelve-threaded L5640-16G memory s1000G hard drive s.X58 motherboard s.GTX

A:: You can eat chicken, but the performance bottleneck in the configuration is the GTX1060 3G version of the graphics card, for the following reasons, high picture quality, high effects, memory use of more than 6GB, graphics card usage 5, 3GB; In order not to burst the physical storage, can only low-to-medium quality effects rendering game eat chicken

X58 motherboard with what graphics card play Jedi escape chicken not card, can flow

A: CPU main frequency is too low, change what graphics card to eat chicken will be card, this low main frequency of the elimination of the server CPU is not suitable to play games, single-change graphics card is useless, either give up, or the CPU and graphics card together to replace, memory plus 16G, CPU to at least X5570, graphics card 1050ti start, so low effects smooth, Medium special effects can also try, but this four does not look like the elimination

X58 with what CPU and graphics card can easily play with chicken

A: X58 motherboard is LGA1366 interface, generally can only connect the LGA1136 interface of the I7 generation of older modelS U, such as I7960, in addition to some LGA1366 Zhiqiang server U, such as IntelXeon L5518 and so on

How is this host processor I7 X5650 six-core twelve-core twelve thread within 16G

A: It looks very high, but it should be noted that the main frequency of the X5650 is not high, only 2,66G, need to overclock to play a strong ability, unfortunately this motherboard platform does not support overclocking

X58 motherboard with Intel x5650 six-core twelve thread 2,66Gcpu, 16G

A: Hello, you can eat chicken inefficient, but generally this x58 are refurbished foreign garbage and cottage shrinkaccessors combination, it is very bad, I have here to answer dozens of bad, not recommended to buy

x58 motherboard, x5680cpu 12G memory, R9 370 4G this configuration to play with

A: can only say that can play, the motherboard and CPU belong to 8 years ago products, although marked more, but the performance is still general, this graphics card do not know whether it is a mineral card, if it is the performance of the mine card on the big discount

X5680cPU, X58 motherboard, 1050Ti4G, 16G memory 82

A: Yes, can meet the Jedi survival high effect, such Zhiqiang CPU performance is quite strong, six-core twelve thread, the working frequency is also high, there are 3,33G, the frequency of 3,6G, is the power consumption of 130W is very large, radiator ordinary four hot tubes can not be pressed, need to replace the strong six hot tube or water-cooled radiator