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DCM2610A Industrial USB to rs485/422/232/ttl Isolated 485 to USB Lightning Protection Converter

  • Kod proizvoda: 588711346615
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  • $ 14.77

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marka South Of Jiangsu Precise Survey
Svojstva sučelja Okrećite USB serijski priključak
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Color Classification AKIL Bare Board Without Lightning Protection 200K,AKOG With Shell And Lightning Protection 200K,AMOG Shell Belt Lightning Protection 2M,BKOG With Shell And Lightning Protection 200K,CKOG With Shell And Lightning Protection 200K,CMOG Shell Belt Lightning Protection 10M
Broj artikla DCM2610A
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What is the difference between TTL serial port and RS485 serial port?

Answer: Serial port, COM port refers to the physical interface form hardware. TTL, RS-232, RS-485 refers to the level standard electrical signal. 1, level standard electrical signal. TTL level standard is: low level is 0, high level is 1 pair of ground, standard digital circuit logic. RS485 is: positive level is 0, negative level is 1 pair of ground, positive and negative level is 6-15V can be, or even can..

Ttl level, cmos level, rs232, rs485, rs422 should be how to understand

A: TTL circuit is a current controller, and coms circuit is a voltage controller, TTL effective level than low voltage cmos effective level slightly higher, RS232 is single-work communication, and can only one-to-one communication, single-work communication can only be sent or received data in a single direction, for example, single-work means that A can only send signals, And B can only receive signals, communication is one-way

Usb-rs485 is the same as usb-ttl

A: Obviously different, usb-rs485 USB plug computer, the other end is RS485 usb-ttl USB computer, the other end is TTL should be TTL level RS232 please see Wuhan Hongwei Optoelectronics E820B USB with RS-232/485/422 isolated special converter Point fully compliant with USB2,0 specifications, support hot-swap integrated USB to RS

RS232 RS422 RS485 definition and difference, there are no detailed points .....

The type of 25 appears. There are two sets of RS-232 interfaces on a personal computer, which are called...

We often say RS485 with RS232 and RS422, they are not UART

A: Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter, commonly known as UART, is an asynchronous transceiver that is part of the computer's hardware and transmits data between serial and parallel communications. As a parallel input to become a serial output of the chip Uart here refers to the TTL level serial port; RS232

How to Connect the Conversion Circuits of RS232 and RS485 with Single Chip Microcomputer

Answer: RS-232, RS-485 are all serial data interface standards. They were originally formulated and issued by EIA of Electronic Industry Association. RS-232 was issued in 1962, named EIA-232-E, as an industrial standard to ensure compatibility between products of different manufacturers. Its transmission distance is about 15 meters, and the highest speed is 20 kb/s.

TTL level is different from RS485 level

A: In a digital circuit, the level used by the TTL electronic component circuit is a voltage range, which specifies the output of 2,4V, output low level 2,0V, input low level

Design of TTL/RS-485/RS-422 converter for microcontrollers

A: I'll give you a reference

Does the Modbus protocol mean RS232 or RS485, if not, then...

Answer: No, MODBUS is the upper protocol. Generally, the lower protocol is 485 485 and 232, but the level specifications are different, so the distance performance is different. RS-232 interface conforms to the serial data communication interface standard established by EIA of American Electronics Industry Union. The original number is EIA-RS-232 for short 232, RS232. It is widely used in calculation.

After using MAX485 to convert TTL to 485 signal, how to turn back 485 signal?

A: MAX485 integrates a receiver, a transmitter, and 485 signals are received by 485. When the chip is powered by 5V power supply, the output of RO is TTL-compatible. http://wenku.baidu.com/view/bfe9a44e852458fb770b5638.html