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Digital fiber coaxial to analog audio 5.1 channel converter DTS Dolby AC-3 digital audio decoder

  • Kod proizvoda: 599137694719
  • dostupnost: 94
  • $ 21.09

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka jubilej
model XH-ZTDA5.1-VO0-A
Mjesto porijekla Kineski kopno
pokrajina Guangdong Province
grad Shenzhen City
Godine garancije Jedna godina

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Q & A proizvoda

My amplifier has fiber optic and coaxial inputs, no 5.1 analog audio input,...

A: 啥 啥 哦? With fiber and coaxial input can not decode DTS is really rare. But you must first understand that DTS and DTS-HD is not the same, can not decode DTS-HD or not listen, or change the device

What brand of audio decoder is good?" Main solution DTS and AC3

A: It's not recommended that you buy decoders now are the more cottages in addition to a little money can do a taiwan AV amplifier band decoding such as the pioneer 520-k or Yamaha series how many times stronger than the cottage

Can digital optical audio be decoded into 5.1 channels?

, use the original input port of the power amplifier. If there is no digital signal transmission port such as fiber coaxial or HDMI, then it can only be used...

Please ask: How to convert the DTS/AC-3 digital audio signal from the fiber output

A: Your digital audio signal needs to convert the device when the electric light is turned, and the optical power also needs to convert the same device; At the same time, analog to digital, need coding equipment, digital to analog need stocand equipment; You have to choose according to your conversion device

The amplifier of the computer-connected AC-3/DTS interface can achieve real 5,1-channel output

A: See the above answer sincere feeling to now Baidu know in the moisture is too big, virtual surround sound, analog 5, 1 output, number 5, 1 output, and AC3/DTS output is a different concept, the owner seems a little confused, the landlord is currently using the first way, Essentially only two channels of the signal from the amplifier to restore it to six channels, to the owner's current equipment