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Automatic fire extinguisher physical means / gas fire alarm controller APTECH

  • Kod proizvoda: 25959420302
  • dostupnost: 1960
  • $ 773.44

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
Mjesto porijekla Kineski kopno
marka North Big BlueBird
model JB-QB-21S-VFC3010A/CE2

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Q & A proizvoda

Beida jade bird gas fire controller after the jet alarm report fault is how to return a responsibility

Answer: if the fault of 21S should be the problem of the VW3365A module, it belongs to the design defect of the product, it is easy to break down and cause the wrong spraying

How to connect beida jade bird gas fire extinguishing controller

Answer: how to connect multiple gas fire extinguishing controllers to the alarm host? Can one communication line be used

Can you provide the wiring diagram of beida jade bird gas fire extinguishing engine?

Answer: check to baidu whether to have

What about fire extinguisher maintenance equipment?

Enterprise answer: RaoYang hongyuan machinery co., LTD., consultation: 400-707-6663, is well-known domestic fire extinguisher production maintenance testing filling equipment manufacturers, is the only carrier in the domestic industry through the national quality supervision and inspection center of fire-fighting equipment of professional manufacturers. My company's main products are high-precision dry powder fire extinguishers filling production line, automatic powder filling machine, carbon dioxide...

Beida jade bird output and input module how to connect the gas fire line

A: _ on _ _ set up for college students' employment problem in the state of postgraduate courses, to train the college students into enterprises and talents education skills training. This of course completely according to the practical way to make a rapid growth college students for a truly meets the needs of enterprise IT talents, this greatly shortened the time from graduation to the employment of college students...

Beida jade bird fire engine under what state is automatically prohibited

Answer: manual permission is automatically prohibited

How to connect beida jade bird gas fire fighting host and jade bird alarm host

Answer: now it is through CAN bus to network, with the shielding line on both sides CAN be connected.

Beida jade bird fire gas extinguishing system,vm3365a module line all connected...

Answer: the gas fire extinguishing system of beida jade bird,vm3365a module line is all connected, the two lines of the pressure switch have a voltage of 24 volts, is it normal? 40 anonymous September 16, 2018 82 times report on physical power source of science and engineering discipline...