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Evolis Pebble 4 Single-sided Color Card Printer

  • Kod proizvoda: 17960347920
  • dostupnost: 2-3 Dani
  • $ 1,757.81

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Q & A proizvoda

Evolis Pebble4 card printer how to use

Answer: EVOLIS PEBBLe4 concrete using CARDS machine. The machine installed in the ribbon, with a CARD with the driver printing software installed in the computer, usually CARD FIVE with cable connected to the machine power supply cord EVOLIS print was found in the printer icon, set the color of the need to print, and the longitudinal or transverse point open printing software, find the need to print figure...

Evolis PEBBLE 4 card printer printing not clear how to solve

A: first of all make sure that the print head is damaged, if the print head is not bad, then clean the machine, if not from the ribbon and the card after cleanness to find reasons, first of all, if your card without coated, certainly print is not clear, if the card is no problem to find the problem of ribbon, see if you use the compatible ribbon.

Evolis PEBBLE4 how to install the driver? The disc is gone.

A: to download http://product.it168.com/detail/doc/229119/download.shtml