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Yingchi Iron Armor Warfare Will Make 120G SSD Desktop Computer Laptop 240G SSD 480G

  • Kod proizvoda: 598643350018
  • dostupnost: 500
  • $ 27.66

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka GALAXY
model Armored Warfare 120G
Kapacitet tvrdog diska 240GB
stanje Brand New
Posle prodaje Nacionalna zajednička garancija
veličina 2.5 inča
Tip interfejsa SATA
Color Classification Red,Green,Blue

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Q & A proizvoda

Can this motherboard install SSD? Gigabyte F2A55M-DS2 wants to install a shadow.

Answer: Yes. However, it is recommended to change the INTEL platform, memory performance and disk performance are much higher.

Video Chi Iron Armor Warfare Series 480g Sata3 Solid State Hard Disk What Flash to Use?

Answer: Yinchi's iron armor battle will always use white film to reduce costs. White film is flash memory that has not been tested by flash memory manufacturers and sold to low-end manufacturers. The latest iron armor battle will purchase 480g white film from Toshiba or TLC particles.

Will Yinchi Tiejia Battle Include 240G Solid State Hard Disk 399 Yuan as Welfare?

Answer: I have bought this 399 240G battle to read and write the 4K of the dividing lever slightly lower than that of the other solids at the same price for a few months. Tlc is said to have a shorter life span and a slower speed, but it's only three years since it guaranteed that his Litianmao is now active 399 Jingdong now sells 409 vouchers and can take down about 380 vouchers.

Why does Yinchi Iron Armor War read 240g solid-state hard disk more than 400 writes?

Answer: More than 90% of the time is spent reading and rarely writing when a solid-state hard disk is bought. So it's reasonable. But the battle will be worse than a tiger.

How useful is the 480G solid-state hard disk in Yinchi Iron Armor Warfare?

Answer: This solid-state performance is general. But it must be much faster than ordinary mechanical hard disk. Common use is enough. Yinchi is also a regular solid-state brand, three years of quality assurance, quality and workmanship are guaranteed. Pursuing cost-effective users are completely optional.

Yinchi Iron Armor Warfare Will 480G Solid-state Hard Disk Do Not Work Well, How to Choose

Answer: Comparing the mechanical disk, it's still good to use. Just fit yourself. One price, one goods. Low-end SSD

How to use the 240G/7mm/2.5-inch SSD solid state hard drive

430MB/S Write speed: 270MB/S Storage granule: TLC Hard disk size: 2.5-inch hard disk interface: SATA3.0

I ask, ssd galactic armor warfare will 240g performance

A: The movie series of the game, the main price, the white is cheap and not good. The tiger will be good, you can consider. In addition, the 920 of the ADATA, as well as Kingston, Pu Kete, Samsung, are good.

The GALAXY Ironclad Warfare will not be able to install the 240G M.2NVME SSD system...

A: The SSD of GALAXY is not very good. Generally, some people who know how to do it will not buy his home.

How is the quality of the SSD's SSD warfare?

Some slow down.