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Gigabyte/Gigabyte B75M-D3V H61M-DS2 Motherboard 1155 B75 H61 Motherboard

  • Kod proizvoda: 522131961804
  • dostupnost: 381
  • $ 36.33

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Gigabyte Per Gigabyte
Gigabyte B75M-D3V
Baby Looks Novi
Tip interfejsa SATA3
Tip memorije DDR3
Struktura glavne ploče M - ATX Compact
Color Classification ArmyGreen,Sky Blue,Chocolate Color,Light Grey,Light Green,Dark Khaki,Dark Gray,Navy Blue,White,Purple
bruto težina 1.0kg
IntelCPU interfejs LGA1155
LGA1155 H61
Memorijski kanal Dual Channel
Maksimalni kapacitet memorije 32GB
Display Interface VGA + DVI + HDMI
Podrška za višestruku grafičku karticu Nije podrška
Primjenjiv objekt desktop
Da li se podržava izlazni ekran Pričekaj
Podržavaju li se diskovni nizovi Nije podrška
Vrsta CPU-a Intel
Količina paketa 24, 4 X 17, 4 Cm
Tip interfejsa procesora IntelLGA1155
Support Card Number Single Card

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Q & A proizvoda

Tsinga H61M motherboard with i5 3470CPU can do

A: H61 with I5 performance does not have an impact but the functional impact is great USB3,0 SATA3,0 PCI-E3,0 is not, so on B75 or H77 is completely enough about 450, 200 more expensive than H61

Can the Tsye Jax H61M-DS2 motherboard change the i53470CPU and GTX750 graphics cards

A: The H61M-DS2 is the CPU interface 3470 of the LGA11555, which is also the platform of the LGA1155, gtx750, which can also be unique to the motherboard support

Can GIGABYTE motherboard h61m ds2 3.0 install i5 3470?

Answer: There is no problem on the interface. The I5 3470 power consumption of the 1155 interface is 77W. This H61 is a 3-phase power supply. It can just bring this CPU.

Can the Tsingja h61 s1 motherboard fit the i5 3470? Do you need to brush bioS? Original

A: Theoretically, but after all, the lowest end bios version is always not supported go to Techga official website by your motherboard model to find THE CPU support list can be seen

Can the Tsyga h61 board be on i5 3470

A: It depends on the date of the motherboard bios, if it is 2012 and later, should support 22nm 3generation i5 3470, if the motherboard bios is very old do not support, upgrade bios can be supported

How about the I5 3470 Plus Gatanya h61 motherboard set? Can you count the mid-range level

A: h61 motherboard belongs to the low-end motherboard, with three generations of CPU, H61 motherboard also brush BIOS to support this CPU, the mainstream is now eight, nine generations of U, this is still the level of God horse grade

Giga H61m-ds2 on the I5 3470, the result is all on, the motherboard said

A: H61m-ds2 supports i5 3470, but requires BIOS support, preferably upgrading to the latest BIOS and reinstalling a new CPU

Motherboard Technology B75M-d3v, i5-3470cpu with a large graphics card

A: The graphics card can be combined with the GTX1060 6G or RX580 8G, the higher graphics card with this configuration with a difference; In addition, if you can, memory recommendations plus 8G, power needs to reach the rating of 450W, upgrade to 1060 6G graphics card, probably can be high effects smooth operation, but this game is not the higher the special effects play the better, but also to consider FPS

I53470cpu with the Gygah h61 motherboard in the end support sata3, 0

A: to see the motherboard branch does not support sata3, and cpu does not matter, some h61 has sata3, you have to see whether you know whether you have, go to the official website to check their own motherboard specific model to see the parameters know

Can the H61 motherboard use memory with a frequency of 1600? I want to upgrade Core i5

A: H61 default does not support 1600 memory, but can then manually adjust to 1600, 1333 and 1600 usually use little difference, only when running points appear, if you must be on 1600 then it is recommended that you change B75 motherboard, In addition, most of the 1600 memory on the market is XMP standard, in fact, the default frequency is 1333, pay attention to buy the original 1600 within