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Sredstvo za gašenje požara gasa heptafluoropropan heptafluoropropan HFC-227ea agent

  • Kod proizvoda: 547687396630
  • dostupnost: 99959
  • $ 15.23

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Gst / zaljev
model QFBW-YJ
Mjesto porijekla Hong Kong, Makao i Tajvan

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How to set the quota of hfc-227ea

Answer: hfc-227ea /FM200 is a kind of clean gas extinguishing agent which is mainly used for chemical extinguishing and also has the function of physical extinguishing. It is colorless, tasteless, low-toxicity, non-conductive, does not pollute the protected object, will not cause damage to property and precision facilities; Be able to put out B,C and electrical fires reliably with low extinguishing concentration;

Guangzhou triafluoropropane hfc-227ea automatic fire extinguishing system extinguishing agent...

Answer: the spraying time of extinguishing agent is 8s, and the residual amount of spraying from storage device is 2Kg. I hope it can help you

How is hfc-227ea named

A: it is named after the number of hydrogen atoms replaced by fluorine atoms on propane. Propane is C3H8, so it has two structures :CF3CHFCF3 and CF3CF2CHF2

What kind of gas is used in a gas extinguisher?

Answer: seven fluorin propane fire extinguisher: features: seven fluorin propane HFC227ea automatic fire extinguishing system is a kind of highly efficient fire extinguishing equipment, the fire extinguishing agent HFCea is a colorless, tasteless, low toxicity, good insulation, gas, no secondary pollution to the atmospheric ozone loss ozeme depletion potential ODP zero, is now the most ideal substitute halon 1211130 1 substitute...