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Sustav uređaja 90L sa automatskim gasnim spremnikom za gašenje požara heptafluoropropan

  • Kod proizvoda: 543236333153
  • dostupnost: 9999
  • $ 820.31

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Gst / zaljev
model 90L
Mjesto porijekla Kineski kopno

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Q & A proizvoda

Storage unit gas fire extinguishing 1, specifications: 90 liters / bottle 3, potion: hexafluopropyl

A: Hello, the current hexaffluorapropane fire extinguishing system mainly has 2,5-level, 4,2-level and 5,6MPa three pressure specifications, each of the maximum charge is not the same, the national standard clearly marked: 1 level supercharged storage container, should not be greater than 1120 kg/ m3; 2 second-level supercharged welded structure storage container, should not be greater than 950kg/m3; 3 second-level boost

How much is the counter heptafluoropropane 90L charge price

A: hexaffluorane quotation is more special heptafluoropropane needs to be based on drawings to calculate the amount of pharmaceutical use of the protection area to determine the equipment casually ask the difference is not recommended that you find a qualified manufacturer to make an inquiry Feel that such a question is not meaningful suggestion, you can check the next information

What is the filling factor of heptafluoropropane agent, metaphorical90L bottle can be recharged

A: I have done two years of design, the general hexofluol cylinder 90L, 120L is the most common, the charging cap is based on GB50370-2005 gas fire extinguishing design specifications for different determinations: 3,3,10 heptafluoropropane unit volume should be filled in accordance with the following provisions: 1, first-level pressurized storage container, should not be greater than 1120kg/m; 2, secondary supercharged welding knots

What is the 100kg heptafluoropropane

A: This depends on how much your filling rate is, the charging rate of the pipe network is lower, no pipe network is higher, you can say 90L-180L bottlecans can be filled with 100KG

Sevoflpropan GQQ120L90L, 70L * 2 / 2.5 cijena, hvala

Odgovor: sevofuranom gqq120 / 2.5: 5000-6000 sevofuranom gqq90 / 2.5: 1000-12000 dvostruko boca sevofuranom GQQ120L * 2 / 2.5: 11000-12000 sevofuranom GQQ90L * 2 / 2.5: 9000-10000 sevofuranom GQQ70L * 2 / 2.5: 7000-8500 ako se proračun ili kontrolna cijena mogu povećati za 10%

How many kilograms of heptafluoropropane can be filled with 138 kg of cylinders

A: Hello, the national standard generally does not have 138 kg of bottles, generally 138 kg on the maximum of 138 kg heptafluoropropane

Maksimalni kapacitet punjenja rezervoara 120 l sevoflpropana

Odgovor: prema specifikaciji, ako se radi o ormanskoj vrsti sevoflpropana, teorija ne smije biti veća od 120 * 1.12134.4kg, a općenito se preporučuje da maksimalni napon treba biti 120Kg. Chongqing jiuxiao tehnologija