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Best selling mobile game anime king glory leisure playing cards a box / 54 sheets HD thick cards

  • Kod proizvoda: 547482002371
  • dostupnost: 76704
  • $ 2.53

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Color Classification King Glory,The World,The Dragon Maid Of The Xiaolinfamily,Late Summer Friend's Account,The Lost Tomb,Shipgirl,Dry Sister,K,Hetalia,Conan,Fairy Tail,Fate Fate,Livelove,Hero League,Dating Battle,Fire Shadow,The Edge Is Empty,Silver Soul,Sword Realm,Death,My Sister Is Miss Huang Man,One Piece,Oriental Wind,Black Deacon
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How to Play the Royal Glory Card

Answer: How good it is to play games directly. In King's Glory, the backpack system includes props, gift bags and runes. Players can get these three kinds of items in the backpack. Dao has movable materials, heroic fragments, skin fragments, time-limited heroic experience cards, time-limited skin experience cards, multiple experience cards and gold coin cards, trumpets, etc. There are one to five levels in the rune. Rune, Rune...

How to Play the Glory of the King of the Table Card Game

Answer: After level 4, it's best not to wave, but only to beat broken blood. 2 skills must hit, Jing Ke can only beat broken blood. Of course, when the other side is full of blood, it used to be a case of death. When the other side is full of residual blood, it's best to wait for the other side to enter again. The order of 2 is directional skills. I often use 3 to fight out the order of recruitment, because 2 skills hurt more, Buff had better take Red Jing Ke. In my opinion, before Level 4 ___________.