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intel desktop motherboard brand B75 B75 motherboard fully integrated small plate pin DDR3 1155

  • Kod proizvoda: 570006599661
  • dostupnost: 2
  • $ 37.27

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Colorful / Colorful
raznobojan Seven Rainbow B75
Baby Looks Novi
Tip memorije DDR3
Struktura glavne ploče M - ATX Compact
IntelCPU interfejs LGA1155
LGA1155 B75
Memorijski kanal Dual Channel
Maksimalni kapacitet memorije 8G
Display Interface VGA
Podrška za višestruku grafičku karticu Nije podrška
Primjenjiv objekt desktop
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Vrsta CPU-a Intel

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Q & A proizvoda

Ming speed h61 knight version intel 1155 pin hundred trillion ddr3 h61 motherboard generation...

A: It can replace the B75 motherboard. The H61 and B75 pins are the same. First, the B75 motherboard expansion interface is good for the H61 motherboard. If the condition is still better with the B75 motherboard, you have already bought the H61 motherboard.

Gigabyte Z77d3v motherboard is broken, the CPU is E3-1230v2, recommend a good...

Is the character and good product! I personally used the ASUS H61-M motherboard is good! MSI B75MA-E33 is also good! Why...

Change the motherboard, 1155 pin.h61 motherboard and b75 motherboard can not

A: The single board can't be changed. The picture shows the low voltage Zhiqiang cpu of 771. It is hard to change the 775 4 series motherboard with 775. To change the board, you need to replace the cpu.

ASUS ASUSP8B75-VIntel B75/LGA 1155 strong large board with...

Secondly, the 7800 has 7850, 7870, 7890 three models. The model 7890 is rare. It is almost impossible to buy on the market. The number is...

Biostar b75 motherboard supports 22nmcpu, can I use 32nm cpu with 1155 pins?

A: The B75 motherboard is compatible with the 32nm LGA1155 interface CPU, including the Xeon E3 12, the second generation of the smart Core series.

Is it possible to use the 1155-pin ub75 motherboard?

A: From the interface, it is ok. In terms of coordination, not all 1155 Us are suitable for B75, and Us suitable for B75 are mainly three generations of i3 and i5.

CPU1155 pin with what motherboard series

Things are a penny of goods...not that you can support them.. In general, H61 is the G series, also...

Gigabyte h61m-s1 1155-pin computer motherboard is another ASUS h61m-e b75 h...

More intelligent and smooth gaming and multimedia application experience, ultra HD video editing, special effects processing, and exciting video on different devices...

Is the B75 motherboard also 1155?

A: B75 is the South Bridge 1155 refers to the number of CPU pins Sand Bridge and ivy bridge CPU are 1155 pins

Can the 1155-pin motherboard B75 use the 1156 Xeon X3440?

A:.. not supported. The two can't be cool, forcibly matched with things that are going to be bad. 1155 is the Core 2 interface specification, 1156 is the first generation interface specification.