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Inteligentni modul osvjetljenja 8-kanalni 16A inteligentni sistem upravljanja osvjetljenjem Inteligentni modul osvjetljenja regulatora osvjetljenja

  • Kod proizvoda: 547487643770
  • dostupnost: 19910
  • $ 74.06

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Zhitu
model ZTIR-0816
Mjesto porijekla Kineski kopno
pokrajina Provincija Zhejiang
grad Grad Wenzhou
Tip proizvoda elektroničkog električara tip 86
Boja Yabai
Godine garancije 3 godina
Bilo da je inteligentna manipulacija ili ne Is

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Q & A proizvoda

Can Emergency Lighting be Incorporated into Intelligent Lighting Control System

Answer: At present, the intelligent control system has the following functions: 1. The intelligent system has a central monitoring device to monitor the whole system, so as to adjust the lighting effect at any time. For example, the system sets up the mode of lighting scheme, and simulates the layout of lighting fixtures on the computer screen, displaying the mode of opening and closing of each light group. State 2, with lamp abnormal opening.

What Quota for Intelligent Emergency Lighting System Debugging

Answer: Intelligent lighting refers to a distributed lighting control system composed of Internet of Things technology, wired/wireless communication technology, power carrier communication technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing technology, and energy-saving control technology to achieve intelligent control of lighting equipment.

What's the difference between fire emergency system and intelligent emergency lighting system?

Answer: Intelligent fire evacuation indication and emergency lighting system is composed of emergency lighting, fire alarm system, intelligent evacuation system and other equipment. It is applied to a set of intelligent fire evacuation indication system in large public places. It has intelligent dynamic light guide function. The system is based on the fire alarm linkage signal and the specific situation of the disaster scene. Automatically select the best escape route,...

How to realize intelligent control for emergency lighting?

Answer: Composition of Intelligent Emergency Lighting System 2.1 e-bus/10 System Composition and Fire Linkage Function e-bus/10 System is an independent LAN with RS232/RS485 interface and standard Modbus protocol. The whole system communicates through bus networking, battery main station and output circuit, controller and output circuit, and centralized power point. Style supervisor...

Centralized and non-centralized control of fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system.

Answer: Centralized control is to set up a centralized controller in the fire control room to control the start-up of emergency lights and evacuation indication signs and monitor the status of each equipment. There is no controller in the non-centralized control room. The common power supply of the cut-off equipment is switched to start-up of each power supply, so the monitoring room can not know the working status of the field equipment. Intelligent fire evacuation instructions and emergency photos.

What is the meaning of NTS control module? In emergency lighting. NTS control module.

Answer: This is not necessarily true. If we say that the intelligent emergency fire evacuation indicator system should be bus lamps and lanterns, EPS centralizes power supply and distributes electricity to form the whole system. Generally, EPS have ZS-D-0.3KVA, ZS-D-0.5KVA, ZS-D-2KVA, Z-l-8-O924O-8252 and so on.

What are the specifications for intelligent emergency evacuation lighting system

Answer: In daily application, the intelligent degree of fire emergency lighting system is low, the emergency evacuation indication sign can't be scientific when fire occurs, so that people can be guided to evacuate in time, and even trample on each other in crowded places, resulting in mass casualties and injuries. Therefore, for modern buildings, there are high floors and crowded people. Quantity, evacuation route confusion, evacuation...

What are the famous brands of intelligent lighting evacuation system

Answer: "Intelligent evacuation system" is an intelligent fire evacuation system composed of intelligent evacuation system control mainframe, fire emergency power supply, fire emergency sign lamps, fire alarm mainframe, fire detector and other equipment. The famous brands of intelligent evacuation system are Chongzheng Huasheng, Shanghai Baoxing, Simer Electric, Shenyang Hongyu, Zhongzhong. Chi Sheng'an, Zi Guang Xin-pioneer.

What is the intelligent emergency lighting evacuation system?

Answer: This is the Intelligent Emergency Lighting Evacuation System of Gong'an Intelligent Technological Factory for your reference! The Intelligent Lighting Evacuation Indicating System for Fire Control consists of central communication module, relay communication module, terminal evacuation lamps with address coding, and standard serial communication port connected with automatic fire alarm system, which will be automatically monitored. Measurement, control, communication technology and centralization.

Intelligent emergency evacuation lighting belongs to intelligent lighting

Answer: Intelligent emergency evacuation lighting belongs to intelligent lighting. Intelligent evacuation indication system must be a centralized control system. If there is no centralized automatic evacuation control function, the four words "intelligent evacuation" can not be mentioned. Therefore, in the four product subdivisions of national standard GB17945-2010 of fire industry, the self-contained power supply is not centralized control type, and the centralized power supply is centralized. Source non-centralized control,...