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Kitchen automatic fire extinguishing equipment, stove automatic fire extinguishing devices 3-8 seconds extinguishing factory maintenance free installation

  • Kod proizvoda: 569187196392
  • dostupnost: 99999998
  • $ 2,531.25

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Gst / zaljev
model CMJS10-1-ZA
Mjesto porijekla Kineski kopno
ime proizvoda 厨房自动灭火装置/灶台自动灭火系统
灭火时间 3-8秒
Scope Of Use 学校,机关,酒店,厨房,单位食堂等等
启动方式 手动/自动/机械
Type Of Extinguishing Agent 食用油专用

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Q & A proizvoda

Why do kitchens have fire extinguishers installed?

The fire hood and the cooking part should be equipped with automatic fire extinguishing devices, and emergency equipment should be set on the gas or fuel pipeline...

Kitchen automatic fire extinguishing device

Fire extinguisher filling amount and filling quantity. 3. Please quote the fire company salesman company

Is the kitchen automatic fire extinguishing equipment required to be installed by the state?

Kitchen equipment fire extinguishing device, the national requirements for building design fire protection regulations issued on May 1, 2015, business area...

How much is the kitchen automatic fire extinguishing device?

A: The automatic fire extinguishing in the kitchen is only sprayed. It is difficult to calculate by a single spray device, and the automatic spray involves the fire pump room to go to a system project.

How do catering companies use and operate kitchen equipment automatically in their daily management...

The stove oil pan of the device, the oil collecting hood and the exhaust pipe are exhausted. 3. The starting mode of the device is divided into automatic starting and remote manual...

Shenyang kitchen fire extinguishing device manufacturers

Ze kitchen equipment fire extinguishing device, and to the Taihua City in Yingkou Jinzhou and other places, Wanda Plaza and other places are more fond of beautiful appearance, after-sales...

Who has the kitchen to install kitchen fire extinguishing equipment fire documents, standard specifications?

Chapter 5, Chapter 7 is mandatory, and the rest is recommended...

How many manufacturers of kitchen equipment fire extinguishing devices in the country?

"Reputation and development" business purposes, with the protection of social fire safety as their responsibility, mutual benefit and seek a win-win concept, to protect...

How many manufacturers of kitchen equipment fire extinguishing devices in the country

A: Domestic production is mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Weifang Jiutong. I am in Wanda, Taihua has seen it looks good! Search on Baidu.

The National Fire Department has mandatory the installation of "kitchen fire extinguishing equipment"...

Or set an emergency automatic shut-off device on the fuel pipeline.