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Konka oblak TV Izvorni glasovni LCD televizor daljinski upravljač KW-Y003S Općenito KW-YOO4 / Y005 KW-Y003 KK-YC201 Y358 Y349 Y352

  • Kod proizvoda: 520609199464
  • dostupnost: 788
  • $ 32.81

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Hongyue
Primjenjiv objekt TV set
proizvođač Beautiful Supervisor

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Q & A proizvoda

Konka LCD TV remote control kktv kw-y003s universal How to set

The remote control switches the signal to the AV, and then uses the remote control of the set-top box to perform program search and viewing. If you have other questions, please log in...

How does Konka TV KW-Y003 remote control dock with the set-top box remote control?

Insert the remote control receiver into the TV USB interface, and the remote control code operation method is as follows: 1 Infrared emission of the remote control...

How to open the KW_Y003 remote control KW_Y003

Game system installation detection software

Konka remote control KW-Y003咋 only the power button can be used, other can not be used

A: Hello, this is also the case with my family. How did you solve it?

Konka's TV model is how to adjust the numeric keypad on the KW-Y003 remote control

Screen LCD/LED TV common fault phenomenon is that a plurality of black spots are formed around the screen and gradually spread toward the center of the screen, the size is different, the shape is irregular, forming this...

Konka TV always automatically jumps out of the source switch, how to get it is not good...

A: It is the relevant button viscous equivalent to pressing the button. You can check the remote control.

KW Y003s remote control how to code

5 seconds, the indicator will continue to flash; 2 If the remote indicator flashes 2 times slower, it means the code is successful, then it can be used normally...

Konka KW-Y003

You can use the voice button to make voice input. Thank you for your advice, I wish you a happy life!

How to solve the problem of Konka TV kw-y003s crash

A: The TV should not have an organic fault? The machine you are talking about, is it a remote control or the panel buttons do not work? You can't say clearly the fault, it can't help you effectively.

How does Konka TV KW-Y003s have no K song function?

A: As shown