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Magnesium Light M550 128G 256G 512G 1T Non-M600 M550 X110 Magnesium Light MLC Solid State Hard Disk

  • Kod proizvoda: 580622949146
  • dostupnost: 281
  • $ 32.46

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka CRUCIAL/micron
model M550
Kapacitet tvrdog diska 128GB
stanje Brand New
Posle prodaje Nacionalna zajednička garancija
veličina 2.5 inča
Tip interfejsa SATA
Color Classification White,Purple,Red

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Q & A proizvoda

The difference between the SanDisk x300 and x110

A: Read speed is different: Sandisk X300 continuous reads: 520MB/S, continuous write: 230MB/S, Sandisk x110 continuous reads: 505MB/s, continuous write: 445MB/s, describes the parameters of the two memory as follows: Sandisk X300 128G parameters Product type: SSD SSD; Brand: SanDisk; Capacity: 128G;

This SanDisk SSD model: X110 series, SD6SF1M-256G is half-height

A: SanDiskX110 Series 256GB MSATA Enterprise SSD SDS SD6SF1M-256G Interface: MSATA Interface Size: MO-300B

How's the SanDisk x1110 128g so cheap

A: SanDiskX110 Series 128GB Brand SanDisk SanDisk SanDisk Series X110 Series Model SD6SF1M-128G Category mSATA SSD Size interface type mSATA Revision 3,0 6 Gb/s Down compatible mSATA Revision 2,0 3 Gb/s and mSATA Revision 1,0 1,5 Gb/s Capacity 128GB Read and Write Speed

How about the SanDisk x110 SSD

A: Good tiered caching technology provides greater responsiveness from streaming video to multitasking, increasing demands on current hard drives for commercial and personal users, and SanDisk X110 SSD uses tiered caching technology to transfer data streams to the right level for superior performance, resulting in significantly improved responsiveness. Extend the life of the flash drive, X110 company

SSDs, Samsung 850evo and SanDisk x110 that's the good one worth buying

A: Choose X110, although 850evo run points good, but because it is TLC, so it is recommended to give up

What's the difference between the SanDisk SSD X100 and the SanDisk X110

A: SanDisk X100 only 32GB one, while the SanDisk X110 has 64GB, 128GB, 256GB three, in addition to the memory capacity of different sizes, there are read and write speed and other parameters are also different, the specific comparison is as follows: 1, basic parameters: 2, performance parameters: 3, other parameters

Just arrived at the SanDisk x110/128g SSD, you don't have a system

A: Do you have a USB stick? Whatever USB stick is bigger than installing the mirror control, there is an official Microsoft software called 'Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool' He can burn the installation image to the USB drive, make the finished USB drive as a boot disk to run, and the optical drive system, You use the official installation system partition to automatically 4K alignment

How about sandisk SD6SF1M-128G? SanDisk SD6SF1M-128G OK

A: SanDiskX110 Series 128GB MSATA Enterprise SSD SSD SanDisk X110 Enterprise SSD, ultra-fast performance, lightweight design, advanced power management, these multi-layered MLCNAND flash drives for master memory solutions and dual-drive cache designs, SanDisk X110 SSD, using 19nm process technology, to more

A SSD, mSATA 128G, currently in the eye of two, SanDisk x

A: Reliable with SanDisk's big brand

How about the SanDisk SD6SF1M-128G

A: Main Brand SanDisk SanDisk Seindy Series X110 Series Model SD6SF1M-128G Category MSATA Body Brand SanDisk SanDisk Sandisk SanDisk Series X110 Series Model SD6SF1M-128G Class mSATA Solid State Hard Drive Specification Interface Type mSATAAI on 3,0 6 Gb/s Down compatible with mSATA Revision 2,0 3 Gb/s and mSATA Revision