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Mikroračunalo vremenski prekidač KG316T automatski elektronski prekidač ulično svjetlo vrijeme napajanja timer 220V

  • Kod proizvoda: 534920435898
  • dostupnost: 380427
  • $ 4.69

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Changsheng Baolai Electronics
model KG316T
Tip proizvoda elektroničkog električara Tip 120
Boja Slonovača White
Godine garancije Jedna godina

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Q & A proizvoda

How to set the system time on the Drissy KG316T time-controlled switch

A: This factory-time time-controlled switch is set a good time, of course, you can set your own time: keep the clock installed', and then press 'week', 'minutes' to set the week, hours and minutes, the time-controlled switch can set up to 10 time periods a day on and off, set the method of multiple time period slots on and off as follows: 1, Set the opening time for the first time: Press '

How to Set KG316T Microcomputer Time Controller to Close at 6:00 a.m. Everyday and Open at 18:00 p.m.

Answer: Operation: 1. Put the battery switch on the left side of the product in the "on" position before use. The display shows Monday at 5:00 sharp, press the "hold down" button while installing the clock key, then press the "week" button, the time key, the sub-key, and adjust the Beijing time. 2. Set the switch time: Step key setting item 1 press manually to set the short horizontal line of the display at the automatic position 2. Fixed to enter the fixed to ___________.

Zhengtai microcomputer time control switch KG316T control street lamp adjustment time, how to...

A: Press the time button and then adjust the light-on time in an open state, and then press the time button to adjust the light-off time adjustment in the state of one off, split the key. Adjust the clock to press the clock and the time to adjust the key.

How to connect the cJx2s3210 contactor with the time-controlled switch KG316T to control the circuit?

Answer: Main circuit, the main line of street lamp passes through leakage switch to AC contacts and then to street lamp, control circuit, power line passes through leakage switch to time-controlled power access point, and power outlet contacts the coil of AC contactor.

KG316T Microcomputer Time Control Switch and Delicious CJX2s-18 Contactor Control.


Zhengtai Kg316t Microcomputer Time-Controlled Switch and Zhengtai NCh8-20 AC Contactor.

Answer: Control the coil of contactor with timing and the street lamp with contactor contactor.

I have only one line for this street lamp. I can use this time-controlled switch KG.

Answer: Yes, connect the time controller as a switch to the street lamp circuit in series. Also remember to supply power to the time controller. The time controller can be powered by dry batteries or accumulator batteries.

Two Delicious time relays KG316T and two contactors control two circuits.

Answer: Hello, the input and output of the time-controlled switch are connected to the coil circuit of AC contactor. The instant-controlled switch is connected to the power supply, the output coil A1, and the zero connection of the coil A2 takes the coil voltage 220V as an example. The power supply side of the main circuit of the contactor is connected to the power supply and the load side is connected to the load.