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Ming Hao Challenger B365M-VH Matična ploča DDR4 Podrška za matičnu ploču 6 7 8 9 CPU

  • Kod proizvoda: 591413594328
  • dostupnost: 84
  • $ 79.45

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka MAXSUN/铭瑄
model Challenger B360M
Baby Looks Brand New
Tip memorije DDR4
Struktura matične ploče M-ATX Compact
Color Classification Challenger B365M-VH
proizvođač Ming Yu Co., Ltd.
IntelCPU interfejs LGA1151
Memorijski kanal Dual Channel
Maksimalni kapacitet memorije 32GB
Display Interface VGA + DVI + HDMI
Podrška za višestruku grafičku karticu Neću podržati
Primjenjiv objekt desktop
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Podržavaju li se diskovni nizovi Neću podržati
Tip CPU-a Intel
INTEL Chip Ostalo / ostalo

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Q & A proizvoda

i5 9400f with the inscription b360m OK

A: Hello, mingyu's motherboard is more general, the high-end level is recommended to use the first-line large factory motherboard is better, you can refer to the figure

How about Asus b360m basalt with i5 9400F

A: In asus official website, for different models of the motherboard have given its corresponding supportable accessories list, can be based on the specific motherboard model search the official website, and refer to the following legend, query can be supported memory, CPU and other information

CPU Intel i5-9400F graphics card GTX750Ti motherboard Asus B360m-K/G...

Answer: Of course, although the performance of the graphics card gtx750ti is relatively low in the current mainstream, it will not be slides. It is no problem that the full minimum special effects run smoothly, because buddies often play with the configuration of i5 2500s+8G+gtx750ti, which has a four-fold benefit. The actual main frequency is 3.1G, and the resolution of 1768 x992 is the lowest special effects run smoothly, and often can eat. A chicken,

Ready to buy a 9400f processor, the motherboard chooses a B360M GAMING PLUS...

A: You can support it, but at least you need to first refresh the BIOS to the 7B19v13 version of the BIOS released on 2018-08-08.

Prepare to use 9400f processor, motherboard choose B360M GAMING PLUS did not ask...

A: No problem, but you have to confirm that the motherboard bios you want to buy is new enough, ask if the seller can directly light your 9400f. It is best to buy a suit, the suit can be directly lit.

Ready to buy a 9400f processor, the motherboard is ready to be equipped with a B360M MORTAR...

B360M MORTAR produced before 08-02, it may be necessary to refresh the BIOS.

Ready to buy a 9400f processor, the motherboard chooses a B360M MORTAR TITAN...

Refresh the BIOS to the BIOS version 7B19v13 released on 2018-08-08.

Please help me with a host of about 3500

A: I want DIY console host 3500 or so price please help me list the list I have purchased the main configuration to play some 3D games worth 3500 or so configuration list of detailed list thank God

I5 9400f+ ASUS B360H GAMING motherboard + GALAXY 1660TI 6G+32...

A: Hello, this configuration can be used with a power supply rated at 450W or more.