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Samsung/Samsung 250G 860EVO desktop computer hard disk 2.5 inch SATA solid 1T 500G SSD

  • Kod proizvoda: 551396534807
  • dostupnost: 995
  • $ 71.72

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Samsung/Samsung
Samsung SSD 250G860Evo
Kapacitet tvrdog diska 250GB
stanje Brand New
Posle prodaje Nacionalna zajednička garancija
veličina 2.5 inča
Tip interfejsa SATA
Color Classification Purple,Blue,Yellow
Vrijeme je za tržište 2019-01-08

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Q & A proizvoda

Help look at this solid state or not to change Samsung SAMSUNG 860 EVO ...

A: Can you give a high-definition picture? This picture is too vague. I probably looked at your configuration. The motherboard is definitely supporting the M.2 interface. I want to buy the solid state of the M.2 interface.

Samsung 860EVO, 250G solid state hard drive,

Left and right, the time to open the software is about 80% less than the original. Of course this is related to the hardware platform, the better the hardware platform, the more obvious the acceleration effect. 3...

Samsung 860evo 500g in SATA interface solid-state belongs to what level, sex.

A: Samsung's solid state drive is a high-end hard drive. After all, it is a big manufacturer. Although it is not the best, it is also a high-end solid state drive.

The solid state drive Samsung 860Evo and the Western Digital blue series are all 500...

A: https://post.mp.qq.com/kan/article/3359719423-238228643.html?_wv2147483777/sig2586f8115e7dab48f6ce4a2399a7e3fd/article_id238228643/time1543819330/_pflag1/x5PreFetch1

Ssd solid state drive is very entangled, in the end is to buy Intel 545s or Samsung 86...

To learn about Samsung's SSD, you can log on to Samsung's official website www.samsung.com.cn, in personal...

Asus R457U can use SAMSUNG 860 EVO 250G 2.5in...

Answer: should use, generally speaking SATA interface hard disk is universal, unless the motherboard does not have a standard SATA interface

Will SSD choose Samsung 860Pro 500G or 860EVO 1T?

Answer: The price is a little different. One is 500G and the other is 1T. Both of them are SATA3 interfaces. The speed will not change much. If you want to be faster, consider M.2 interface. However, the solid state of M.2 interface is expensive, but it is not necessary. The solid state of SATA3 is also very useful. Speaking of stability, SSD solid state stability has been very good. The performance of the system is ___________.

Samsung's new 860evo solid-state hard disk

Answer: The 860 Series is now upgraded to use Samsung's latest 64-layer stacked 3D V-NAND flash memory with TLC, 256Gb32GB, 512Gb64GB single capacity. It is also equipped with the new MJX SSD master, and the DRAM cache uses LPDDR4 uniformly. The overall performance changes little. After all, the SATA interface is like that, while the quality assurance is unified at 850 RPO 10 for 5 years.

What is the interface of the Samsung SSD 860 EVO?

A: 860 evo is Samsung's SSD series, 860 series provides SATA, MSATA, M.2 three types of interfaces

Intel Intel 545S SATA3 or Samsung SAMSUNG 860 ...

A: Of course, Samsung, Intel specializes in CPU, Samsung specializes in flash granules.