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SanDisk SDSSDA-120G Solid State Hard Disk Desktop Laptop High Speed Computer SSD Hard Disk

  • Kod proizvoda: 597635811962
  • dostupnost: 68
  • $ 44.30

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Sandisk / Semndi
model SDSSDA-120G-Z27
Kapacitet tvrdog diska 120GB
stanje Brand New
Posle prodaje Nacionalna zajednička garancija
veličina 2.5 inča
Tip interfejsa SATA
Color Classification Black
proizvođač Production Authorized By Irish Semndi
Period oštećenja odgovornosti 36 mjeseci

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Q & A proizvoda

How about SanDisk sdssda-120g SSD 120g enhanced version

: National warranty weight: 30.9g read and write speed: read maximum 520M / S write maximum 200M /...

Sandisk / SanDisk SDSSDA-240G-Z26 computer solid state hard disk how,...

The low-end series promotes its own 3D NAND TLC, but it is still the same sentence, TLC is TLC, your technology is good, the main control is good, TLC...

What is SanDisk sdssda-120g SSD?

A: Hello, 1, is still good. 2, the speed is very fast, boot 13-16 seconds SATA2, 25 seconds faster than the mechanical hard disk. Is the capacity is 8.3G less, only 111.7G, is not too much

How about SanDisk's enhanced 120G solid state drive?

Read: 550MB/Sec; continuous write: 510MB/Sec; environment power consumption: 0.6W; appearance...

SanDisk enhanced version 120G solid state drive this ssd is tlc or mlc

120GB built-in SM2246XT master. Designed by Huirong, there is no external DRAM cache, the main internal cache is 256KB SRAM X 2, because...

SanDisk 120G SSD plus value is not worth entering

The mlc granules, overall, the entry level ssd at this price is still good. SanDisk is still recommended to buy the supreme high speed, the speed is better, the speed is fast, life...

What is the particle of SanDisk

A: Sandi only has the ultra-fast version of PRO to clearly mark MLC particles. The high-speed version of Ultra is TLC particles. The enhanced version of Plus does not indicate what particles are. Please pay attention when purchasing.

Sandisk/Sandy sdssda-120g solid state hard drive


Which is good for 240G SSD? SanDisk 240G-Z25 recommended

Full reduction + white strip full reduction is estimated to be 349 can buy, now more than 400, obviously the price is too high, and 480G SanDisk enhanced version sold in May 599 yuan, now...

What type of flash granules does the SanDisk SSD PLUS 240GB version use?

-M/S, especially the 120G version is obviously different, U firmware writing is 400M/S, Z firmware 200M/S, the same price, obviously U firmware is better, but on the packaging...