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Pametni upravljački sistem domaćin prekidač utičnica posvećena prolazu bežični wifi daljinski daljinski upravljač mobilnog telefona

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Q & A proizvoda

What is the difference between an intelligent gateway and a smart home control panel?

Smart home system smart home is the use of advanced computer technology, network communication technology,...

What is the difference between an intelligent gateway and a smart home control panel?

It is called intelligence. It is only a one-way incoming device. It does not implement two-way control, so it cannot be called...

How is the intelligent gateway of smart home realized?

Go to the command and then through the gateway to control what the user wants.

Why should the smart home gateway connect to the external network?

GPRS, WiFi and other network systems.

Among the smart homes are: terminal equipment, gateway, cloud service, mobile APP...

A: Generally, the integrated wifi module of this solution is generated by MAC, encrypted and then bound to the server to find your device on the server.

What is a smart gateway?

A: The function of Sangu Intelligent Home Intelligent Gateway is the system control center, which manages other devices in the control system. It can be equipped with temperature sensor, support temperature linkage, support timing trigger, support time switch, remote control, linkage task, and is the host of smart home.


Domain name, look at the domain name is normal parsing. Smart home system needs to maintain a PC running middleware to reach...

Can multiple smart home gateways be connected to the Internet?

The company's products, at present, many companies with a little research and development capabilities will implement the interconnection network of the gateway, which can also be called multi-gateway...

What is the transmission rate of the smart home gateway/host? How much bandwidth is needed?

A: The gateway's transmission rate is 256K / sec. Each command requires 3KB, no bandwidth requirement.

Smart Home Control System ZigBee Smart Gateway Which is better

A: The smart home gateway architecture can't be used without a network, but Taiwan LivingLab smart home private cloud architecture can be used without the network, faster and more stable.