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Pingsheng Charging Bao Protective Sheath Silica Gel Sheath LCD Storage 20000mA Mobile Power Supply Protective Sheath

  • Kod proizvoda: 566985389254
  • dostupnost: 5693
  • $ 3.23

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
svrha Višenamjenska integracija
stil Višenamenski dizajn
Veličina torbe za laptop 5 inča
tekstura drugi
marka Wenxing
model LCD Storage 20000mA Set
Color Classification Black Set - Pingsheng 20,000 LCD Special Purpose,White Set-Pingsheng 20,000 LCD Special Purpose,Blue Set-Pingsheng 20,000 LCD Special Purpose,Green Set - Pingsheng 20,000 LCD Special Purpose,Rose Set-Pingsheng 20,000 LCD Special Purpose,Orange Set-Pingsheng 20,000 LCD Special Purpose

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Pinsheng battery charging treasure LCD does not display

At this time, the display will light up. After the display is on for 30 seconds, it will automatically turn off. At this time, touch the switch for another 0.5 seconds to illuminate the display. When it is full, set it...

Pinsheng lcd electric library second generation 20000 mAh charging treasure or Xiaomi new out...

A: Pinsheng is a little professional.

Pinsheng LCD battery second generation 20000mAh charging treasure can take the plane?

160wh charging treasure, and the charging treasure shell is complete, the mark is clear, there is a clear capacity or wh mark. Charging treasure needs...

Pinsheng charging treasure lcd battery 7500 instruction manual

In the sleep state, tap the sensor switch for 0.5 seconds, USB has output, the LCD screen lights up to display the working status of the product in real time and...

Does Pinsheng have 20,000 mAh of mobile power?

At mAh, the current of 20A can sustain the battery capacity for one hour. But at present, the conversion rate of the regular charging treasure on the market is generally 80%...

The correct way to charge the battery pack 20000 charging treasure

A: There is no special way to charge the charging treasure. It is nothing more than a large-capacity charging treasure that should use a high-current charging head. It is recommended to charge the 5V2A charger for charging, which can be used less than half of the time using the 5V1A charger.

I bought a product that wins 20,000 mAh of mobile power but I accidentally got into the water. I want to...

The power can be directly opened, and the children's shoes that are generally not understood are inseparable. Because the power point cannot be found, the easiest way is to directly put a corner of the mobile power supply...

Pinsheng lcd battery 7500 mAh charging treasure charging dissatisfaction

Use these two specifications for charging the charger. If you have been charging for a long time and it will not be fully charged, you can carry your merchandise and...

Pinsheng LCD20000 battery charging treasure output is also as self-contained as Xiaomi 20000...

A: Pinsheng LCD battery second generation 20000mAh detailed parameters Voltage input: 5V Output: 5V Current input: 1A Output: 2A The maximum output of this charging treasure is 2A.

Newly bought products win mobile power LCD 10000mAh boot can not open, ...

A: Is this your repair done? I also have this problem.