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Teclast/RTV 128G Solid State Hard Disk SATA Interface Laptop Desktop Computer SSD Hard Disk

  • Kod proizvoda: 567006516518
  • dostupnost: 99
  • $ 30.23

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Teclast / Taipower
model 128G
Defects Liability Period 36 mjeseci
Kapacitet tvrdog diska 128GB
Tip interfejsa SATA
veličina 2.5 inča
Posle prodaje Nacionalna zajednička garancija
stanje Brand New
proizvođač Electric
Color Classification 128G Official Standard 128G+ Bracket + Line Desktop With 128G+9.5 Bracket Notebook With 128G+12.7 Bracket Notebook

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Q & A proizvoda

Can desktop computers install desktop solid-state hard disks?

Answer: Yes, ordinary computers can.

Teclast 256GB notebook desktop SSD solid-state hard disk, OK.

Answer: 1. Teclast 256GB notebook desktop SSD solid-state hard disk is very good and affordable, and the delivery of radio is also very fast. Driver Elf Testing: Teclast 256GB A950248GB. Preliminary testing found that the speed of writing disk exceeds 40M of Toshiba 240G hard disk. Without use, other unknown inconvenient comments. 2, good! 11 years of machine plus SSD..

What kind of computer can a RTV solid-state hard disk be used?

Answer: This should be unrestricted. Now the mainstream computers in the market can use the radio's solid-state hard disk, which is very convenient for the radio's solid-state hard disk to use in what computer?

How about 128G sata3 solid state hard disk

Answer: The entry-level solid-state recommended taco core K2 128G original MLC cost performance ratio is high

Can Radio Solid State Disk Dell Laptop Be Used?

Answer: As long as the size is the same and the interface is the same, the solid-state hard disk can replace the notebook hard disk. When replacing, we need to pay attention to several points: the notebook mechanical hard disk is currently sata3.0 interface; the solid-state hard disk has several interfaces, usually sata3.0, some M2 interface and so on; and the installation size problem, when purchasing, we should consult the seller clearly.

Teclast / Radio 240G liter 256 GMLC notebook desktop 3D cache SSD..

Answer: Samsung, Semi, Jianxing, Intel, Toshiba, Puckett, Hungry Shark are all good solid-state drives. Radio is worse than radio.

How about the 128G Extreme Speed Solid-State Hard Disk? The Solid-State Hard Disk and the Mechanical Hard Disk.

Answer: The performance of this solid-state hard disk is acceptable. If the price is right, we can start with it. Solid-state hard disk can kill mechanical hard disk in seconds, but the price is high and the capacity is high.

Are there any tutorials for SSD SSD Solid-State Hard Disk Expanded by Radio F7

Answer: Respected Radio users: Hello, there are F7 notebook extended SSD video tutorials in Jingdong. Thank you for your support to Radio! Radio F7 notebook: 1. Fashion and simple fuselage design, metal silver and white primary color; 2,14 inch super-large horizon, 19201080 full HD IPS screen; 3. Full-size large keyboard, metal backplane optimization keyboard force feedback; ...

The following is the data of my radio solid-state hard disk. Help me to see if it is true or not.

Answer: This is a real solid-state hard disk. It's just a product made of 3-stream memory particles. So the reading/writing speed is much lower!! You can just interpret it as a Shanzhai version of the product. Add or subtract. The speed is about the same as the mechanical hard disk of wd!!

Radio 128G Extreme Speed Solid State Disk? Solid State Disk and Mechanical Hard Disk.

Answer: The biggest advantage of RTV's solid-state hard disk is the speed of reading and writing. It's easy to get rid of the mechanical disk for a few blocks. I installed 128G on the system for 15 seconds, and then I can turn on the software immediately. If you change the mechanical disk, the software will turn on slowly, the software will open very slowly in the first minute, and the reading progress bar of the game will be very fast. The mechanical disk is really fast.