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Teclast/TEp 128GB M, 2 SSD 2242 Solid State NGFF SATA SSD three-year warranty

  • Kod proizvoda: 590738894104
  • dostupnost: 7
  • $ 32.58

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Teclast / Taipower
model 128GBM.2
Kapacitet tvrdog diska 128GB
stanje Brand New
Posle prodaje Nacionalna zajednička garancija
veličina 2280
Tip interfejsa M.2
Color Classification Official Standard
proizvođač Guangzhou Business Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Period oštećenja odgovornosti 36 mjeseci

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SSD popular classroom What is M.2/NGFF SSD solid state drive

The same size of the different interfaces and specifications of a variety of SSDs, the same performance is not very good, there are brands...

Confused, what is the difference between M.2 NGFF SSD and M.2 SATA SSD?

The difference: 1, the speed is based on SATA 3.0 version, the bus bandwidth is 6Gbps is the theoretical maximum transmission rate of 750MB / s, but it is impossible to reach this theory...

How to install m.2 interface solid state hard disk on desktop

And 42mm, the current motherboard supports M2, the above three specifications are enough to install, the motherboard has a corresponding fixed screw base, hard disk...

I am really squatting in the trough, is the M.2 SATA and NGFF interface SSD the same?

The same, the most about 560M / S, while the PCI-E channel has X2 X4, etc., the speed is more than SATA3.0, such as Samsung 950Pro, the speed can reach 2G / s or more. M.2 NG...

M.2 ngff 2242 size which solid is good, 128G 256G can be

, TranscendMTS400 256G M.2 2242, about 639. read and write speed 560/320 MB / s.

Solid state drive M.2 interface with SATA protocol and PCIe protocol appearance has no area...

Full-speed operation of PCI-E 4X transmission mode. M.2 was originally called NGFF interface, it is a new tailor-made for Ultrabook Ultrabook...

What is the difference between SSD and SATA for NGFF M.2 interface?

The new one is only 12G.

Ask God to interpret the meaning of this string of things, about the SSD interface...

The theoretical speed is much greater than SATA.

What interface is the solid state drive M.2 interface?

This is the NGFF that was often mentioned before, namely NextGeneration Form Factor. The first is the speed advantage. There are two types of M.2 interface: Socket...

What are solid state drives ngff, m.2 and pci-e?

A: ngff is m.2, just a different statement. This agreement is proposed by intel, take the pcie channel.