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Novi 74HC139D 74HC139 SOP paket udvostručuje 2 kroz 4 linije dekodera / demultipleksera

  • Kod proizvoda: 559866400780
  • dostupnost: 1870
  • $ 0.06

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Sheng Kee
model New 74HC139D74HC139SOP Package Dual 2 To 4 Line Decoder / Demultiplexer
Manufacturing Enterprise Sheng Kee

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Q & A proizvoda

How to use double 2-4 line decoder 74HC139 and double 4-1 data selector?

Answer: No one has answered the 11-year question yet. The seniors are too lazy.

Do you have a single 2-4 decoder? For example, 74HC139 is double 2-4 decoder.

Answer: Non-gate, non-gate, or gate, or non-gate, or D flip-flop, etc. all have single-door devices, but 2-4 decoder does not seem to have single-door. You can package with SOIC-16 patch slightly smaller than double-in-line.

Why is my DXP drawing 74HC573 and 139 different from the reality?

Answer: First of all, you check whether the package of 74 is regular DIP20. If so, then DIP20 in your library can be used unless there is a problem with DIP20 in your library!!