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Tigo / Jintaike S300 240G Solid State Desktop Laptop SSD 240G

  • Kod proizvoda: 566086555452
  • dostupnost: 687
  • $ 43.36

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Specifičnosti proizvoda
marka Tigo/金泰克
model S300240G
Kapacitet tvrdog diska 240GB
stanje Brand New
Posle prodaje Nacionalna zajednička garancija
veličina 2.5 inča
Tip interfejsa SATA
Color Classification Army Green,Light Grey,Dark Grey,Pink,Green,Blue,Black

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Q & A proizvoda

Which stored granules does Kintek's SSD use

A: Upstairs, Kintek is using Toshiba's storage particles

Jintek SSD s300 m.2 2280 240g is the use of mlc flash...

Evaluation also knows that the smashing machine has been used up.

What about the tigo/Kintek S320 SSDs, is it good to use

A: Entry-level SSD recommends The K2 128G original MLC of Teko Core to be cost-effective

Jintaike m242 64g ngff solid state hard disk how to install

On the higher platform, there is an M2 interface, and some z97 are not; the location is generally in the middle of the pci slot, there is also an attachment in the cpu slot, specifically...

How about tigo/Kintek E300 SSD SSD 64G

A: If you just browse the web QQ is not the advantages of sSD can only reflect the advantages of a large number of data reading and writing if you do not play large games do not do large picture editing, then do not buy first

How about Kintek SSDs

A: used, good, Jintek this brand is still reliable, is one of the top ten memory brands, cost-effective are relatively high

Kintek SSD SSD is not recognized

A: And your exactsame, my yesterday broke, but also in the normal use of the process of stuck, and then restart, and then in the BIOS can not recognize, I use the old peach PE also can not find ,,,,,, halo, I only bought 10 days it seems that this batch has serious problems ah, I am ready to find after-sales today

Kintek s300 120g upgrade s320 128g ssd SSD mlc

A: It's all the same, it's all normal particles, low-end jmf master

How about the tigo Kintek 64G SSD

A: Most of the views agree with the Angel League Lord, point of view for reference, the current ssd field, SanDisk and Jintek, adata and so on, is not very good, the current evaluation is relatively high is Samsung 840pro, performance is not generally strong, unfortunately 840 without pro, is a slag, or TLC particles , Pukot / Jianxing's comprehensive energy slightly higher than some of the commercial combination of magnesium light

Just spent 20 days of Kinteks300 SSD performance degradation, play the game

A: The ssd feature is that the ssd is slower to use, the faster the new ssd write is because you don't have to erase the original content, and you this ssd itself is not a good East